Time Table

July 7-9, 2021

*Please make sure that you enter your full name and affiliation at entrance to the Zoom meeting room. e.g. Hyung Mok Lee (Seoul National University).
The microphones of all participants will be muted by default at entrance. Please use ”raise hand” button and wait until the chair gives you a voice when you ask a question or give comments to a presenter. Otherwise, please make sure that your microphones keep muted.

Recording any session of KIW8 by individual participants is NOT allowed. The LOC will be making an announcement when VOD replay of oral presentations are available to the general public under consent of the speakers.

  • KAGRA Status
  • LIGO/Virgo Status
  • Future Detectors
  • Instrument R&D
  • Data Analysis and Computing
  • Gravitational Wave Science
  • Multi-messenger Astronomy
  • Special Session on Detector Characterization
The workshop program will be updated soon

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